Are you “Safe as Houses” on the internet in your home? 

I imagine most people have heard of the term “Safe as Houses”. It’s a common Victorian expression which means ‘secure; with no risk of failure’. And when you’re at home, sitting in your living room, connected to your home Wifi network, I imagine most people tend to feel Safe as Houses. But are you really […]


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The Personal Privacy Paradigm

Is it possible to use the Internet and maintain the same level of privacy that people used to take for granted? When you provide your mobile phone number, your email address, your date of birth, where does this information get stored and who is protecting it? Who’s making sure that when it’s no longer required […]

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Are Wearable Devices safe?

If you have children, or you have nieces, nephews… or grandchildren even, you might be concerned about how to keep them safe in the world we live in today. And one would hope all this new technology must be good for something? Eventually you’ll have to face the reality that they are going to be […]

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